NEXT from Kearney is a new way to manage transformational change. Continuous transformation is a way of life, and NEXT is a new consulting approach that uses technology to enable companies to achieve transparency, speed, and agility.

We bring an integrated team of consultants, technologists, and data specialists who will work with you to co-create a solution to help you address your specific challenges, consistent with your culture, ways of working, and future aspirations. 

Partnering with a leading SAAS (software as a service) provider, we have developed a platform specifically to meet the needs of large organizations facing transformational change. The technology we use, and the way we deploy it, has been developed through working with dozens of leading companies and government agencies on the toughest change challenges. The result is a technology capability which is fast to implement, sophisticated enough to meet the most complex reporting needs, but so simple to use it can be deployed widely with minimal training. 

The journey continues, and we continuously refine the user experience and introduce new features based on client feedback, so you continue to benefit from the experience of leading organizations. Our solutions offer the highest levels of security, stability, scalability, and ongoing support. 

NEXT is often first deployed in the context of a consulting engagement, but the vast majority of our clients continue to use our solutions long after the initial engagement, using the same technology capabilities to address an ever-wider range of transformational challenges. 

Whether your challenge is to deliver a specific change program, transform the performance of a function, or quickly stand up a new process or capability, NEXT uses technology to transform your ability to transform yourself.